About Us

The Roberto Clemente Promise Academy, proudly situated in North Philadelphia, is the proud home of the Yellow Jackets.  Our scholars come to our school from various races, cultures, countries, and experiences.  We proudly celebrate the great work and spirit of our school’s namesake, Roberto Clemente, in empowering students to see the best in others.


Vision Statement: The Roberto Clemente Promise Academy, a thriving middle school within the School District of Philadelphia, will ensure that all actions for and with students are grounded in equity theory to ensure that students have access to culturally relevant practices that will work to improve student instructional, social, and emotional outcomes by building trusting and meaningful relationships among all stakeholders, so we are one voice in our actions, mindsets, and belief that all children can achieve when provided equitable access.


Mission Statement: To adopt and embrace the humanitarian beliefs of the school’s namesake, Roberto Clemente, in order to ensure that students grow to be contributors to the betterment of their community.


Belief Statement: Humanitarianism is our heart and soul.