Policies | Políticas

Cell Phone Policy

For Students: Students will keep their personal cell phones or electronic devices in their lockers. Students who choose to do so anyway will be required to turn their devices into their section’s designated area. A member of the leadership/administration will return cell phones within fifteen minutes of dismissal.

For Parents: All parents will be required to sign a cell phone policy agreement.

Política de Celulares

Para Estudiantes: Los estudiantes pondrán sus celulares personales o electrónicos en sus casilleros. Estudiantes que eligen no seguir esta regla serán requeridos a entregar su celular/electrónico a el área designada en el salón de clases.

Para Padres: Todos los padres serán requeridos a firmar un acuerdo de esta política de celulares.

School Uniforms

For all RCMS scholars:

TOP: Yellow/White/Black Solid Polos
BOTTOMS: Black/Khaki pants/skirts
SHOES: sneakers/shoes must be closed toes

Uniformes Escolares

Para todos los estudiantes:

Polos Amarillos, Blancos, o Negros Solidos
Pantalones/Faldas Negras, o Caqui
Zapatos/Tenis deben de ser cerrados